Support for Nicaragua

StoveTeam International

Who is StoveTeam? 
StoveTeam International promotes the local production of safe, affordable, fuel-efficient cookstoves in the developing world. StoveTeam actively supports factories in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. 
What is going on in Nicaragua?
On April 18th, protests erupted in Nicaragua in response to changes the government made to the national social security program. Since April, protests have evolved into a broad, student-led call for Ortega and his wife to step down and for new elections to be held. While violence is most intense in the capitol of Managua, protests have been sparked nationwide. 
StoveTeam’s partner factory, Fábrica Avanza, is located in Estelí, which is about 3 hours from the capitol. The factory’s managers, Marvin and Elida, have assured us that they are safe, but the factory is suffering due to barricades on main highways, halting travel and commerce and making it difficult for the business to keep its doors open. There is increasing frustration and hopelessness due to the violence and lack of progress in negotiations between the two sides. The stream of NGO groups from the US and other countries has slowed to a trickle.  
Marvin and Elida have been forced to reduce factory operations. They plan to continue with limited promotional efforts in Estelí but are unable to travel to other communities to generate stove sales. They have cut back hours for all staff, especially in stove production. Marvin intends to call them back occasionally so they will have some income during these difficult times.  
How can I help? 
During this difficult time, we want to lend a hand to Marvin and Elida in order to keep the factory running, support their employees, and continue to provide fuel-efficient cookstoves to those in need. To help, you can purchase a stove at the cost of $50. Together, we can help to keep the Avanza factory up and running until conflict subsides.